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Bon Voyage, Philip!

I'm definitely overdue for a blog post! I thought I would make this one a homage to a lovely Suzuki student with whom I had the pleasure of teaching for about 1.5 years (from ages 7-8) at the Levine School of Music. Philip is a hard-working, eager young cello student. His family recently moved away, so I thought it might be nice to give him a little shout out!

These two videos feature Philip's Jury Distinction Recital. What is that, you say? Twice a year at the Levine School, students perform for a panel of teachers. This is called a Jury. They receive feedback, both constructive and complimentary. If a student has an exceptional performance, they will be awarded "distinction." Those students then get the honor of playing on a Jury Distinction Recital. I'm excited to say that Phillip was not only awarded distinction on both of his juries, but he was also by far the youngest/most beginning student. This just goes to show that it doesn't matter how beginning or advanced you are, but that the quality of our work has great value!

Philip's talented mother, a professional pianist, accompanied him on these pieces.

2016 Distinction Recital:

2017 Distinction Recital:

Congrats, Philip! I wish you many more successes as you go forward with your musical life!

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