Methods of Learning
Suzuki Method
Ages 4 and Up
Beginning to Advanced Levels

Catherine is passionate and highly-trained Suzuki teacher.  In addition to being a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Catherine has undergone extensive Suzuki training. She is committed to the Suzuki philosophy and attends workshops and training sessions on a regular basis.

About the Method:

Over 60 years ago, Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki began creating a method of teaching based on the way young children learn their native language.  Through listening, delayed note-reading, repetition, parental involvement, moving in small steps, and growing the whole person, Suzuki believed that any child was capable of learning to play an instrument.


The Suzuki Method is a step-by-step approach, aiming to grow a child’s ability on the cello before introducing note-reading.  Much like learning one's native language, note-reading comes after a basic command of the instrument has been established. 


This method of learning requires daily practice, daily listening, parental participation, review, and lots of positive reinforcement.  


Students attend weekly lessons at a regularly appointed time. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in monthly group classes and participate in outreach concerts.


More information on the Suzuki Method:
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Traditional Method
Ages 7 and Up
Beginning to Advanced Levels

In addition to being a Suzuki teacher, Catherine teaches traditionally, the method in which she learned to play the cello. Traditional cello philosophy uses sheet music, scale books, and etudes from the beginning.  Emphasis is placed on playing with proper technique, beautiful tone, excellent rhythm, phrasing, and note-reading.


Students attend a weekly lesson at a regularly appointed time and participate in recitals. Students may also choose to particpate in outreach concerts and group classes.


Catherine's pedigogical training includes Cello Pedagogy coursework at the Peabody Conservatory of Music.

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