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Traditional - Suzuki Hybrid Method

Catherine teaches in a way that combines cello pedagogy tradition and the many wonderful benefits of the Suzuki Method.


Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki believed that children could learn to play an instrument in the same way that they learn their first language.  Through listening, repetition, review, moving in small steps, parental involvement, character development and lots of encouragement, Suzuki believed that ANY child was capable of learning to play an instrument.  In Catherine's experience, these ideas lead to well set-up students who feel capable and love to play.

Catherine uses these same ideas in combination with emphasis on note-reading once a strong technical foundation is established.   Note-reading is not the means by which the foundations of cello playing are learned, but it is a very important skill and should be nurtured.

In addition to the Suzuki Books, students learn scales, etudes and supplemental repertoire.

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