Traditional Method
Ages 7 and Up
Beginning to Advanced Levels


Traditional lessons are taught in the style in which most school-aged students learn.  Students use sheet music, scale books, and etudes. Emphasis is placed on playing with proper technique, beautiful tone, rhythm, musicality, and note-reading.

Suzuki Method
Ages 4 and Up
Beginning to Advanced Levels

​The Suzuki Method is a step-by-step approach geared towards young children.  Students begin learning by ear.  Note-reading is introduced only when the student has a solid technical foundation and is reading words and sentences comfortably.


The method was founded over 60 years ago by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki.  He believed that children could learn to play an instrument in the same way that they learn their first language.  Through listening, repetition, review, moving in small steps, parental involvement, character development and lots of encouragement, Suzuki believed that ANY child was capable of learning to play an instrument.  To learn more about this method, please visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas website.

Catherine has undergone extensive Suzuki training and is a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.