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Introducing: The Compliment Box

Meet the Compliment Box.

Our studio recital took place this past weekend, and I got to thinking ahead of time that through all of the recital preparation and stress that each student goes through, we don't take enough time to enjoy the performances and to appreciate our own and each other's progress and strengths. Not only that, but I think our appreciation for each other often goes unsaid. Though a recital is a time to showcase our work, it's a wonderful opportunity to admire each other's work and to let each other know! And so, the Compliment Box was born.

Before the recital started, each student drew another student's name. They were then in charge of writing that student a compliment after the recital at the compliment station in the reception room. I made lots of extra copies of compliment cards so that kids and parents, too, could write compliments for other students to their hearts' content.

During the reception, I glanced at the compliment station from time to time and was impressed to see how busy it was and to see the pensive faces of my students mid-compliment. I had encouraged the complimenters to be specific about what they liked and to avoid general phrases like, "Good job." As a I read through the compliments later, I was struck at how well my students and their parents were able to express what they liked and why.

I like how this complimenter was able to describe the mood of Grace's performance and to describe how it made them feel.

What flattery and encouragement! Who wouldn't feel good after receiving such a glowing compliment?

Here are the compliments packaged up and ready for their recipients. I look forward to delivering these to my students this week. I hope these compliments will remind us to be kind and to encourage and appreciate one another. I hope that receiving the compliments will remind us to appreciate ourselves and to take pride in our hard work.

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