***Catherine is currently offering lessons ONLINE.  

She is accepting new students.***

About the Studio

Whether using traditional or Suzuki methods, Catherine focuses on building technically sound cellists who have a high attention to detail.  While she holds her students to a high standard, Catherine believes that it's just as important to support, encourage and have fun.  After all, with the combination of skill, hard-work, confidence, and a love of playing, the sky is the limit!  


Students take weekly lessons, practice daily, and participate in studio events such as recitals, group classes and outreach projects.  Students are also encouraged to participate in a local youth orchestras.


30 Minute Lesson - $37.50

45 Minute Lesson - $53.75

60 Minute Lesson - $70.00

If the cost of lessons is outside of your financial ability, please contact Catherine.  Lessons should be accessible for all children.

Joining the Studio

After you have read this page and the Methods page thoroughly, please contact me to arrange a trial lesson.  


Remember that like any relationship, you want to find a teacher who will be a good fit for your family. Vice versa, I accept families that I feel will be a good fit in my studio.  I look for dedicated families who are committed to the long and fulling journey of learning an instrument.

"It becomes ever more apparent how lucky we are to have you as our teacher. We could not have done better." - K., parent
"The growth my child has demonstrated in his work ethic, resilience, poise in new situations, I believe is directly due to your instruction and the Suzuki Method. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
- N., parent
"I love cello." - G., 6 years old
"Thank you for being so patient and kind."
- D. and S., parents
"Thank you for all of the hard work and inspiration that you give at each lesson.  We appreciate it so much and are thankful for the opportunity for our child to study with you!" - V., parent
"Cello is the best!" - P., 7 years old
"Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher! I am so thankful for the improvement I have made because of you.  You're awesome!""
- S., 14 years old
"Best cello teacher ever." - A., 11 years old

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